Majyk Equipe Boyd Martin Tendon Jump Boots


Features: • BASF TPU Flexible Outer Shell • Vented Design to Cool Horse’s Leg • Dual Density Strike Guard Protection • Inner Strike Guard with ARTi-LAGE • Non-Neoprene Bio Foam Liner • Extra Protection Built into Foam • Snap Closures and Gunmetal Studs • Perfect Competition Boot

Sold as a Pair

The Boyd Martin Stadium Tendon Jump Boot is the perfect competition boot, offering top-notch features. It has a BASF TPU flexible outer shell, with a vented design to cool your horse’s leg, and dual-density strike guard protection. The inner strike guard has ARTi-LAGE, a proprietary dilatant material found only in Majyk Equipe Boots. This boot also features a neoprene-free bio-foam liner, which helps prevent heat buildup and odors. Snap closures and gunmetal studs provide secure fastening, and two sizes of strap lengths are available to accommodate finer-boned or thicker-boned horses.

Available in Black or White

Original Size – Standard Straps or Warmblood Size – Longer Straps

Fits most horse sizes 15.2 hands to 16.3 hands.


Black, White




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