Rambo Micklem Deluxe Competition Bridle




The bridles are designed to comfortably fit the shape of the horse’s skull, avoiding pressure on sensitive areas. The Micklem® Competition bridle is a show quality bridle made from hand finished leather with soft padding on the headpiece, browband, noseband and cheekpieces. Comes with tongue protection bit clips and 2 sets of bit straps. Cannot be used as a bitless bridle or lunge Cavesson.

With wider nose piece, raised nose and brownband with contrast fancy stitch detail. Now made with luxury English Leather.




William Micklem, an international coach, speaker, and best selling author, designed the Micklem Multibridle to fit the shape of the horse’s skull. The most comfortable, effective and flexible bridle ever designed. Winner of the innovation award at BETA International in 2008.

William Micklem’s understanding of equine bio-mechanics and mental health, and his ability to think outside the box, has enabled him to develop a sure fire winner in the Micklem Multibridle. If horses were choosing a bridle, the multibridle would be top of their list.

Rambo Micklem - William Micklem - By Horseware

Fitting the Bridle

Fitting the Bit Straps

Fit the bit straps to your bit first, with the buckle on the outside and the end of the strap facing upwards, then attach to the bridle using the bit rings at the bottom of the cheek pieces.

Positioning the Front Nose Piece

The key to fitting your Rambo® Micklem Multibridle is to ensure that the front nosepiece is approx 2 to 3 inches higher than the corners of the mouth and at least six fingers above the nostrils.

Doing the Top Back Straps

This should be fastened flush with the skin, not loose like a throat lash.

Doing the Bottom Back Straps

This fits like a standard dropped noseband, underneath the bit and flush with the skin.

Fitting the Tongue and Bar Protector

Use the appropriate length clips to join the bit to the side rings and you have a unique tongue and bar protection system.

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